Exhibit Hall Regina

Exhibit Hall Regina

Friday, 19 May 2017

Awards Day

Today was public viewing for the morning then after lunch until 2PM. The turnaround time from Exhibition Hall to the bus going to the Conexus Arts Centre was extremely tight. At 2:45 our whole team came down and they all looked fabulous wearing their best outfits. 

Our bus departed around 3PM and we arrived at Conexus in about 20 minutes. It's a beautiful theatre with the strange design of having no centre isle. It made getting out of our seats for the awards a bit challenging. The awards show began shortly after we were seated. There was lots of lights and glitter going on. 

South Fraser cleaned up at the CWSF2017. Of our five projects, we received 4 Medals of Excellence and one cash prize.

Charles and Spencer received the Youth CAN Innovate Award. Within the group of winners, four projects were selected for the grand Youth CAN Innovate Award and Spencer and Charles were one of these projects. This award comes with an $8000 cash prize. Soon after this prize, the two boys were called up again to received the Senior Bronze Medal of Excellence Award. 

Charles and Spencer receiving the Youth CAN Innovate Award

Their glass trophy....another will be sent to them so each with have one

This is where they are awarded the $8000 cash prize

Spencer is so excited he couldn't contain himself on stage.

Spencer receiving his Bronze Medal

Charles receiving his Bronze Medal

Senior Bronze Medal Winners

We moved on to the Junior Silver Medal of Excellence Award winners. Jesse and Katarina won in this category.

Katarina receiving her Silver Medal.

Jesse receiving her Silver Medal
Immediately after Jesse and Katarina were called, Stuti and Cheryl were also called as winners of a Junior Silver Medal of Excellence Award.

Cheryl receiving her Silver Medal

Stuti receiving her Silver Medal

Here are our four junior Finalists standing with all the other Junior Silver Medal recipients. 

The girls were elated with their Silver Medals. Katarina couldn't get that smile off her face.

The boys were ecstatic about their cash prize, and so were we. I wonder how we can spend that $8000?

We finally moved on to our Senior Silver Medals of Excellence winners. Winnie was the proud recipient of this award.

Winnie receiving her Silver Medal

The awards ceremony last until 5:30 and we all exited the building to get some photos of our team. with all their hardware. We remained outside mingling with others until it was time to enter the banquet hall at 6:15. 

The South Fraser Team

Our Elgin Park Finalists

Our South Surrey award winners
Add caption

Our Hyland Valley Elementary winners

Our S.A.I.L winners

Dinner was served shortly after everyone was seated. The menu included a Cesar Salad, Chicken Breast with a Rosemary Mushroom Sauce, and for dessert, a Cheesecake Martini. 

Team South Fraser enjoying dinner together

Green salad, I ate the Cesar before I took a picture.

Chicken breast in a rosemary mushroom sauce

The cheesecake martini
After dinner the team wanted to let off some steam by dancing away. Susan and I waited out in the lounge for them to tire out. We departed Conexus at 9:30 and returned home shortly after. We still had to celebrate Katarina's 13th Birthday. We had fresh baked pie from the Hutterite Colony Susan, Winnie, and Jenny visited on Wednesday. The team surprised Katarina with a birthday gift. She received a bunch of swag that we've collected over the week, a nice blue hoodie from the University of Regina and a card signed by every member of our team. The team remained in the lounge for about an hour and a half chatting and discussing the operations of CWSF and SFFRF. Further to this conversation, we talked about the interview that Charles and Spencer will give to CBC Radio tomorrow morning. 

Hutterite Saskatoon Berry Pie

Katarina more than surprised

Gotta get up at 8AM for pictures and the CBC Interview. 

Time for bed! At 8:40 we meet for breakfast before public viewing. 

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