Exhibit Hall Regina

Exhibit Hall Regina

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Public Viewing Finished with Some Ice Cream

Today the Finalists were at their projects for public viewing. Several schools came through, along with others, and it was somewhat chaotic inside the Exhibition Hall. Woven through public viewing, workshops such as STEAM and First Robotics were offered to the Finalists.

The CWSF had a movie lined-up for all the Finalists in one of the lecture halls. I think it was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Only Winnie went down to watch that. Jenny asked to go to a movie at a Cineplex with the Manitoba team who share rooms in our apartment pods.  Susan and I asked the remaining group if they wanted to go for ice cream and they were very excited to. The nearest spot for ice cream was at the McDonald's kitty-corner from the University of Regina. We were able to stop and take a group picture in front of the controversial million dollar University of Regina sign. They were having so much fun. 

It was about 8PM, and we sat together as a team for over an hour and a half in a couple of booths. They were being typical teenagers and interacting with each so well. Susan and I engaged in some good conversation and had many laughs with all whom were there. Sometime throughout the night, I lost my camera to Jesse. We strolled back to the residences and everyone went to our rooms. It would be a late morning for them. We are meeting for breakfast at 8:30AM. Susan and I figured they needed to sleep-in for a day. 

Jesse really enjoys taking selfies...

We even had a former South Fraser teammate here with us - Om Agarwal.

This is when I lost my camera. All these photos below were taken by Jesse.

Jesse's sad interpretation of an empty community. 


This is when I got my camera back!

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