Exhibit Hall Regina

Exhibit Hall Regina

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Judging Day

We all made our way down to breakfast for 7:30 and everyone was wearing their best for judging. Don't they look brilliant? For the most part everyone seemed confident in their projects and their presentations. In the morning, the judging was for the Excellence Awards (medals etc...) and the afternoon was judging for the self-nominated Special Awards. 

The 2017 South Fraser Finalists.
A view of the Exhibit Hall from above

Look down the last isle and you'll see Charles and Spencer

Look down the centre isle, you can see Katarina, Jesse, Cheryl and Stuti
While our Finalists were being judged, Susan and I were in the annual CWSF Delegate meeting going over the business of Youth Science Canada. It later followed with a keynote from the director of the Saskatchewan Science Centre. 

The morning judging ended at noon and everyone made their way down to the cafeteria for lunch. Missing lunch, Charles and Susan continued on to take his IB Exam at a neighbouring high school. Everyone appears to have had a positive experience with their judges. Aside from a few emotionless faces, most judges were quite enthusiastic excited for our Finalists' projects. Everyone was in positive spirits throughout lunch. 

Workshops would continue on for me after lunch while our Finalists were judged for their the special awards. At 5:15, all Finalists were let out of the Exhibit Hall. All the delegates cheered them on for a job well done as they exited. It was quite a noisy procession. 

We did not have much of a turnaround time to change and get ready to go to the Saskatchewan Science Centre. We all filed into the school buses shortly after 6PM. 

When we arrived, they served us a boxed dinner and all were able to play with the exhibits and things. I supposed it's really hard to get Metro Vancouver kids interested in another science centre. Our own Science World is such a fantastic venue that often others pale in comparison. Although, the Finalists from non-urban centres really had a great time. To the Saskatchewan Science Centre's credit, the setting was very cool and we did have an opportunity to view an IMAX movie. The building is a former Saskatchewan Electric power house. 

We were let out at 9:30 and made our way back to the residences. Tomorrow is tour day so we stopped to organize ourselves for the different tours. Following this, it was lights out at 10PM. 


  1. That's wonderful to know. Thanks Mr. Fevian for updating us regularly. Have fun and enjoy the trip.

  2. Looks like everyone survived judging and the exhausting tour day! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Glad everyone made it through Judgement Day!