Exhibit Hall Regina

Exhibit Hall Regina

Sunday, 14 May 2017

On our way to Regina Saskatchewan

Today is the day many of us have been waiting for. We all met at the airport on time at 7:40 AM with all our luggage and bags. Here's our proud team waiting to check-in our bags. Notice how the girls have their team jackets zipped up nicely.....and the boys, well they'll be boys!

L-R: Jesse, Katarina, Jenny, Cheryl, Spencer, Stuti, Charles, and Winnie
When Susan and I arrived, we noticed the giant box that Spencer and Charles had. This special box was constructed to house their innovation. There were a few logistics dealing with this beast. In the end, the box arrived safely in Regina. 

Our plane ride was somewhat bumpy today. As we took off from Vancouver, the unstable air gave the plane a good shaking. As we were descending into Regina, once again the thermals really made for a rocky landing. In the end we arrived safely and were greeted by the CWSF Host Organization Team as we came off our plane. They really do make us feel special.

The university was about a 30 minute bus ride from Regina's airport. Because they were school buses, all our luggage had to be placed in a big cube van for transfer. We arrived at the University of Regina to another cheerful crowd. We sorted ourselves out and got settled in our spacious rooms. They are set up with a shared kitchen, bathroom and living space, and a few bedrooms. The Finalists bunk together in pairs. Susan and I have our own rooms.

Jesse and Cheryl

Stuti and Katarina

Jenny and Winnie

Spencer and Charles

Delegate rooms. Finalists share a room in pairs. 

We were a bit hungry by the time we had unpacked so we sought out some food for the team. We cut across the very small campus to enjoy some of the sunlight and blue sky (something that we've not seen in Vancouver for what seems like months). After a few inquiries, we found the CWSF Host Team has thought of everything. They had provisions for us as all the teams arrived throughout the day. The boxed lunches had a sandwich, fruit, vegetables and a juice box. Not that bad and kept us tied-over until supper.

The social groups among the South Fraser Teams have formed into what we expected. The Senior Finalists and the Junior Finalists. All members are getting along together very well.

During lunch, we had some local visitors out in the courtyard - ground hogs and hares. Locals would call these fellas a nuisance.

A nuisance

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

After supper tonight, students had the chance to socialize and meet one another in the CWSF Finalists' Lounge. They traded pins and collected individual codes from each other for the CWSF app.

All in all, a good day of travel with a relatively short flight. Lights out is 10PM and we are to meet in the morning at 8AM to go for breakfast and then set up our projects. 

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  1. Love the animal photos. Its getting suspicious how Favian always manages to get his own room... ;)